Remmi-Team is a Milage Marathon club based in Tampere, Finland. Our aim is to design and manifacture the most energy efficient vehicle that uses internal combustion engine. We participate in Shell Eco Marathon Europe and Pisaralla Pisimmälle competitions, where you can see our vehicle in action.

Remmi-Team5 months ago
Remmin uusi jarrupoljin analysoitiin käyttäen ANSYS -ohjelmistoa. 20 kg painalluksella saatiin tulokseksi 96 MPa suuruinen maksimijännitys.
Our new brake pedal was analysed using ANSYS software. 200 N braking force created 96 MPa maximum stress.
Remmi-Team7 months ago
Koronatilanteesta huolimatta Remmi-Team tarvitsee uusia käsiä. Jos olet kiinnostunut tiimin toiminnasta, liity Telegram-ryhmäämme tästä linkistä:
Remmi-Team1 year ago
Ajokin moottorin kanavien virtausta analysoitiin käyttäen ANSYS Fluent -ohjelmistoa. Saimme paremman ymmärryksen ilmavirroista moottorin sisältä
ja näin pystymme optimoimaan kanavien virtauksia.
Vehicle's engine valves were analyzed using ANSYS Fluent software. We studied how air flows inside the valves and inflow channel. Results helps us to optimize the airflow inside the engine.
Remmi-Team1 year ago
Remmi-team on aloittanut yhteistyön EDRMedeson ja ANSYSin kanssa. ANSYS on yritys, joka tarjoaa simulointiohjelmistoja. Saamme ANSYSin maahantuojalta EDRMedesolta tiimille käytettäväksi ANSYS Mechanical ja ANSYS fluent -lisenssit, joita tiimi tulee hyödyntämään ANSYSta ajokin suunnittelussa ja simuloinnissa. Maahantuonnin lisäksi EDRMedeso tarjoaa koulutuspalveluita, joita tiimin jäsenet pääsevät yhteistyön myötä käyttämään. Uskomme yhteistyön tuovan tiimille uusia tapoja kehittää ajokkia.
Remmi Team has started co-operation with EDRMedeso and ANSYS. ANSYS is a company that provides simulation tools. Via co-operation Remmi Team gets ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent licenses which we are going to use in designing and simulating our eco-vehicle. EDRMedeso also provides us courses for using ANSYS Mechanical and Fluent tools. We hope this co-operation with EDRMedeso and ANSYS will give us new ways to develop our vehicle.

#ANSYS #EDRMedeso #learnANSYS
Remmi-Team1 year ago
During the weekend Remmi-Team took part in XLIV Pisaralla pisimmälle 2019 competition in Turku Finland. On the high banked oval of the Velodrom Kupittaa Remmi-Team was able to achieve result of 1641 km/l.

Owing to the reliability of the Remmi-8B vehicle, the team was managed to get a lot of time on the track. This was both useful both, for training of our new driver, and for collecting valuable data from the track.

With the help of our sponsor M-Data and their MoTeC M130 engine management unit we were able to collect valuable data from our runs on the track. From this data, we were able to extract detailed information of our engine and of the behavior of our vehicle during the competition.

The team has a busy winter schedule ahead. There is still a lot work in developing the vehicle, analyzing the data, and attending fairs. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous support and expertise. You make all of this possible!
Remmi-Team2 years ago
Remmi-Team finished SEM19 10th with the result of 1370 km/l. Our thruout preparation for the event was met with pass of tehcical inspection on first try and by doing succesfull race simulations during the practice runs. Our best valid result of 1370 km/l was done during the first attempt. Next day we were able to improve our efficiency to approximately 1700 km/l. Unfortunately our second run was not valid due to running 10 seconds overtime on the race distance due to heavy traffic and yellow flags on the last lap. From the last runs we were exepting great results. Unfortunately we suffered a high speed accident on the third attempt with the vehicle flipping over multiple times. The Remmi 8B:s carbon fiber monocoque was able to protect the driver from injuries but damage caused by the accident forced us to abandon further attempts for improved results.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors for making competing in this event possible for us.