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1 week ago
Remmi-Team finished SEM19 10th with the result of 1370 km/l. Our thruout preparation for the event was met with pass of tehcical inspection on first try and by doing succesfull race simulations during the practice runs. Our best valid result of 1370 km/l was done during the first attempt. Next day we were able to improve our efficiency to approximately 1700 km/l. Unfortunately our second run was not valid due to running 10 seconds overtime on the race distance due to heavy traffic and yellow flags on the last lap. From the last runs we were exepting great results. Unfortunately we suffered a high speed accident on the third attempt with the vehicle flipping over multiple times. The Remmi 8B:s carbon fiber monocoque was able to protect the driver from injuries but damage caused by the accident forced us to abandon further attempts for improved results. Big thanks to all of our sponsors for making competing in this event possible for us.

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2 weeks ago
Remmi-Team ready for technical inspection at Shell Eco-marathon Europe. Excited for the race in the awesome sunny British summer weather.

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1 month ago
Viimeinen testipäivä ennen Lontoon kisoja. Ajokki lähtee rahdissa ensi viikon lopulla, ja tällä hetkellä kaikki näyttäisi toimivan halutusti. Kiitos Tosiboxin pystymme seuraamaan ja tarvittaessa muuttamaan ajokin säätöjä reaaliajassa samalla, kun ajokki on radalla! Final test day before London race. The vehicle will be shipped late next week, and at the moment everything seems to be working as intended. Thanks to Tosibox, we are able to monitor and change the vehicle settings remotely in real time while the vehicle is on track!