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6 days ago
Shell Eco Marathon was held for 34rd time this year and as usually, we took part in it with our Remmi 8b. This time the track was much shorter than last year. Techical inspection was a walk in the park, but we started having trouble from the first practice runs onwards. The track had quite many potholes and uneven surfaces and as our driver tried to go around them, she rolled the car over. Nothing major happened, but we were done for the first day of testing. On second practice day the engine was very inconsistent. Sometimes it would not start and sometimes it ran just well. We fiddled with ingition and clutch and got the car working again. Perfect, we thought. First race day resulted in one wasted attempt, because even though our night shift worked as late as possible, they couldn't find the fault in the vehicle. Somehow we still stitched the vehicle to one piece, and it yielded a result of around 1300 km/l, which is good after all that trouble! Then we started having problems with the ECU, which we were not able to fix on site. Unfortunately due to one misunderstanding on the track during yellow flags, the organizers canceled our best attempt and it being our only valid result, Remmi-Team could not make a result in this year's SEM. The good thing is that we know where we should do better and we might have some interesting news coming up as well 😉 Hopefully we'll get it all sorted for the Nokia race that's held by Finnish Mileage Marathon Club r.y / FMMC ry on August. Huge thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible for us!

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1 week ago
All set up for technical inspection! Big thanks to our sponsors #kraftmek @kevytrakentajanverkkokauppa @intel @koneitacom #tosibox @schaefflergroup @flukecorp #sem2018 #shellecomarathon #makethefuture #ecomarathon #remmiteam

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2 weeks ago
You can now follow us on Instagram! And we're off to London! Remmi 8b and hopefully all necessary tools packed in the trailer. 2400km to go! #tampereuniversityoftechnology #remmiteam #sem2018 #ecomarathon #makethefuture #shellecomarathon #teekkarielämää