Remmi-Team is an association of students at Tampere University of Technology. As an organisation the Team is part of the Student Union of the University.

The aim of Remmi-Team is to take part in Eco-marathons with special vehicles. The vehicles are self-made and designed specially for this purpose by the members of the Team. Our current vehicle is Remmi 8. Remmi-Team tries to take part in as many of the European Eco-marathons as possible.

Our work is voluntary and takes place during our spare time. The Team is not part of our education and our work is not controlled or guided by the University. There are no teachers or professors in the Team.

The action of the Team is financed by our sponsors and partners.

Team is open for everyone. Welcome to see our work during team-nights on Tuesdays from 18:00. Our club room is in the basement of Konetalo building; room K001A.